The November Issue

We are only a few days into October but some subscribers have begun to receive the November issue of Martha Stewart Living in the mail. I have not yet seen the issue, but it seems as though it is going to be a good one! The issue is devoted to Thanksgiving - with all the trimmings a reader would expect to find in the table of contents: turkey two ways, 17 side-dishes, 12 holiday desserts and table-setting ideas. Watch for the issue on newsstands beginning October 17th.


Rowaida said...

Good morning Andrew,
I downloaded my issue. It is beautiful, lots of recipes. I was looking to see some Christmas ideas, since it is November issue

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful, interesting issue. Although there is a but......maybe only I believe that too many covers are strictly about food. Yes, styled well but what ever happened to covers such as the following which illustrates the style of the Holiday and family.
(Nov. 1999 and 2000)

Chris said...

I also enjoyed this issue. The recipes look scrumptious. I always pass my magazine along to my daughter. I don't mind the food-related covers as long as there is content that is also about the home,decorating, etc.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Martha's recent comment that she contemplated purchasing Kmart? I so wish she had!

Anonymous said...

I had read her comments re the purchase of Kmart and thought Ms Stewart's company was lucky they had not purchased It. Kmart has been so mired in the past, my opinion is even with Martha's design , vision and great style the corporation could not be pulled into the 21st century.

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