Halloween Treats by Martha

Halloween is less than a week away! If you're planning a Halloween party, Martha Stewart should be your go-to girl (ghoul?) this year. I really love this year's roster of Halloween products from the Martha Stewart Living line at Home Decorators Collection and Martha Stewart Crafts. I think the quality of the product is high; the design is good and the prices are fair. Speaking of prices, now is a great time to stock up on these Halloween items. Many of them are discounted by up to 40%! See below for my top picks of Martha's Halloween goods this year:
The Martha Stewart Living line at Home Decorators really is wonderful this year. Their Halloween products are sophisticated enough for grown-ups but still lots of fun for kids. Above: Martha Stewart Living Crows, Martha Stewart Living Black Hanging Birdcage; Martha Stewart Living Crow Snow Globe.
Martha Stewart Living Apothecary Jars with creepy labels.
Martha Stewart Living Dried-Mushroom Wreath, Martha Stewart Living Halloween Cloche, Martha Stewart Living Haunted Cauldron, Martha Stewart Living Lacquered Halloween Orbs.
Martha Stewart Living Skeleton Wall Banners: Set of 4.
Martha Stewart Living Halloween Bottles: Set of 2.
For a more crafty take on Halloween, visit Michael's or Jo-Ann's craft stores to see the Martha Stewart Crafts collection of Halloween goodies. They have everything from wreath-making kits to swags to treat bags to pom-poms to table runners, and then some! Above: Martha Stewart Spider-Web Table Decorations; Martha Stewart Tissue-Wreath, Martha Stewart 'Happy Halloween' Garland, Martha Stewart Ghost Clings.
The Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's did not do a Halloween collection this year, but this pumpkin casserole, below, would be ideal to keep Halloween candy by the front door. (It could do double-duty and be used at Thanksgiving as well!)
Of course, no autumn is complete without a special Halloween issue by Martha Stewart Living. This year's issue is a collection of all their best Halloween content: costumes, treats, jack-o-lanterns and more! It's on stands until November 1.


Unknown said...

Those apothecary jars are pretty neat!

Why was Martha not on the cover of the Halloween issue this year? I went into Barnes & Noble to buy it and literally spent 5 minutes looking for the issue. Finally had to ask a clerk where it was. When she pointed to the magazine with a toddler on the cover that was indeed sitting on the front row, I was a little surprised.


I was surprised too, Emily. It's a recycled image from an early 2000s issue of MSL. I really wish Martha had been on the cover in a new costume.

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, amazing and spooky products and ideas.
Happy Halloween 🎃

Unknown said...

Hi does anyone know if Martha Stewart sells any of her products anywhere besides HDC like items listed here. I ordered the Orbs last year but my order came without them. Unavailble . love the orbs. I have been buying or recreating (not as well as she) but her products forever.... her ideas were always an inspiration especially when my children where younger (blk Cut out tree )she once aired on her show that her friend had made for her fell in love .I went crazy searching for plans then found them or similar to it but of course by time I bought all needed to make the tree it was selling At Grandin Road :-)) . but I was honestly greatful .then a few yrs ago a failing roof ruined many of my things . it breaks my heart Because it became a Tradition for my kids and I to make ornaments with the treats as she used to but now now no longer have the tree or the plans :'( but I have to say MS is responsible for me really becoming a Halloween Nut but now I wouldn't have any other way but if anyone does know of it wld be much appreciated .Nicole