My Fall Decorating Book Wish-List

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good decorating book. I have dozens of decorating books already and I am always interested in building my library. Some people enjoy reading novels on a rainy Sunday afternoon; I enjoy reading decorating books. They can be a great source of inspiration to all kinds of areas of your life and can train your eye to see beauty in even the smallest details. I think that's what I most appreciate about them.

Because my tastes are quite eclectic, I read from a wide variety of sources that tout a wide variety of styles. I don't limit myself to one style or one period or one designer. I like to see what everyone is doing and then I select little things here and there that I can incorporate into my own living space, which is just 600 square feet, by the way! So, without further adieu, here are eight books that I can't wait to read this fall:
1. The Kinfolk Home

If you've read The Kinfolk Table, a cookbook and entertaining guide by Nathan Williams and the editors of Kinfolk magazine, you will know that the pared-down, Scandinavian-inspired style the magazine celebrates will translate very well into home decor. I'm excited about this book because the style very closely resembles my own taste: simple rooms, minimally 'decorated' that are kept warm through the use of woods, textures and natural materials. October 20th, 2015

2. At Home In the Garden

Fashion designer turned lifestyle expert Carolyne Roehm never disappoints with her books. She has penned more than a dozen books on the subjects of flower arranging and decorating and in this new book she illustrates how her gardens can be used as 'outdoor rooms' for entertaining. Her books are always lush, filled with beautiful, full-colour imagery and I can't wait to see her gardens at their peak. If the cover is any indication, it's going to be a very lavish book indeed! October 27, 2015

3. Styled

So many of us seem to want to know the secrets to good styling. Paging through magazines and catalogs, many of us scratch our heads and wonder, "How did they get it to look so pretty?" In her new book, Emily Henderson reveals all! While decorating can take months and a lot of money, styling can take just minutes, often using what you already have on hand. Even a few little tweaks can transform the way your room feels. The book promises to share ten easy steps to styling your rooms. October 13, 2015

4. The Curated House

This book intrigues me because of its philosophy and the use of the word "curated" in the title. I like that word a lot because it implies careful consideration, editing and living only with the things you truly love and want in your surroundings. Interior designer Michael S. Smith shows us inside his Los Angels home, his Manhattan apartment plus several other spaces he was commissioned to design in New York, London, Malibu and Montana. Smith reviews the constants of his interiors, what is integral to his style and why, and how they can work for the reader: from the forms that repeat themselves to the layering of fabrics and patterns, the use of subtle colors, and the idea of comfort in every room. October 27, 2015

5. Habitat: A Field Guide to Decorating

Lauren Liess, an interior designer and founder of the popular blog Pure Style Home, fuses her love of design and the great outdoors into all her work. In this, her first book, Lauren invites readers to bring nature inside by mixing the textures of natural elements such as wood and stone with eclectic groupings of modern and quirky vintage pieces. I'm generally suspicious of "how-to" books or "guides" for decorating, because it's such a personal thing, but I've always loved Pure Style Home and I think this book will avoid being didactic. October 13, 2015

6. Beekman 1802 Style

This is the fourth book by Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, founders of the Beekman 1802 lifestyle brand. Their previous three books have been cookbooks and this is the first to describe and disseminate their personal approach to style. Chapters like "East Meets West" and "Old Meets New" offer thoughts on the attraction of opposites in the home and the importance of incorporating what you already have, along with some new must-have pieces. I love Brent and Josh so this book is a surefire hit for me. September 15, 2015

7. Cabin Porn
 My parents have a lovely little two-bedroom log cabin in the Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada. They built it themselves and they spend most of the summer there enjoying the great outdoors. I intend on buying this book for my dad and probably a copy for myself, as well. Living in the city, I don't often get to the cottage so it will serve its purpose as 'cabin porn' on those days when my insatiable lust for the scent of pine needles and the sounds of the birds takes over. September 29, 2015

8. Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home

 I've loved Apartment Therapy since it was a little blog, espousing design methodology for small-space living. This is the fifth book by the editors of Apartment Therapy and it promises to be the most comprehensive collection of rooms and ideas yet: 75 rooms, from bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms to kids’ rooms and workspaces. The book explores every detail—lighting, color palettes, flooring, and accessories—that brings a home to life and, most important, makes you happy in it. Sounds good to me! September 15, 2015

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