Paper Goods Projects: The New Book by Jodi Levine

I was really excited to hear that Jodi Levine's new crafts book will be out this August! It's called Paper Goods Projects and it's filled with brilliant, imaginative ways to turn everyday paper items into terrific creations. This is the second book by the former editor of Martha Stewart Kids magazine and it's going to be a must-have for anyone interested in paper projects - for kids and adults alike. (Her first book, Candy Aisle Crafts, is also essential.) There are 60 projects in all, perfect for birthday parties, rainy afternoons at home and holidays.
The projects are designed with the supermarket in mind, based on the notion that anything made of paper can be re-purposed and re-imagined into something colourful and fun: coffee filters, cupcake wrappers, paper doilies, cardboard boxes and balloons, to name just a few. The book is organized into four chapters, grouped by the materials:
  1. Coffee Filters & Cupcake Paper
  2. Paper Plates, bags, and Doilies
  3. Balloons
  4. Recycling Bin
The photographs by Amy Gropp Forbes brilliantly illustrate the how-to process for each craft as well as the finished project. Paper Goods Projects will be in bookstores on August 11th, but you can pre-order it at Amazon.com. Visit Jodi's and Amy's website for more information and inspiration: supermakeit.com
Coffee Filter Water Lilies, from the Coffee Filter chapter. So pretty!
The Big Box Town, with interchangeable components, from the Recycling Bin chapter.


Stephane in AK said...

I've always loved her. Thank you fo the heads-up, Andrew.

Jodi Levine said...

Hi Andrew! And thanks so much!!!!!! x Jodi

Anonymous said...

May I ask if
Ms Levine still with the magazine publication.
I am asking as it is difficult to remember who, of the original staff, is still with MSL.


Hi Jodi! You are very welcome! :-) xo

APM, I believe Jodi freelances for them on occasion but she is no longer on staff.

Anonymous said...

Sad, as the lost of many of the magazines original contributors adds to the lessiening of its contant.

Chris said...

My almost 13 year old granddaughter thought these paper crafts were so cute. She especially liked the one with the horse. I did the coffee filter flowers at Easter and plan on doing the same for pointsettias for Christmas. Paper crafting is so great because you can get kids involved and they're so creative, I think. I do scrapbooking and my granddaughter has her own at our house - she loves to get out and use all my supplies. So far she seems to be pretty gifted in the drawing area but still loves to get at the glue, glitter, etc. This seems like a lovely book for any age.

Rowaida said...

Very excited for Jodie for her new book. She is such an inspiration best wishes to her