The Summer Issue of Martha Stewart Weddings

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker graces the cover of the summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, which is on sale June 1. In the magazine, she shares all her wedding secrets and talks shoes, shoes, shoes! The summer issue is usually a favourite of mine: all those flowers and beautiful outdoor table settings! Be sure to pick up your copy! Click here for a brief behind-the-scenes look at Sarah's photo shoot for the magazine. And click here for more from Sarah's feature in the magazine.


Anonymous said...

Sorry off topic, but may be of interest. If some forgot " the good old days" at MSOL hight, please take a look at MS on a 60 Minutes interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c01is2wyFUk.

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Rowaida said...

Beautiful issue love it Andrew. Greetings from Beirut, beautiful weather here. After the weekend moving to mount lebanon will be posting photos.
Wishing you a wonderful summer xo