The Editors Want Your Feedback

Some of you may have noticed this full-page ad in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living. It is an open call to join the magazine's "creative circle" by signing up to receive occasional surveys and feedback forms from the magazine's editorial department. The link, msloinsiders.com, has existed for quite some time and many subscribers have been asked to join the conversation, but this is the first time the magazine has publicly advertised it in the magazine. It's certainly worth the few minutes it takes to sign up: you will receive special event invitations, learn about new Martha Stewart products and have the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions about the magazine with the editors through surveys and feedback forms. Click here to join.


Anonymous said...

wow years and years ago MSL web site had those bulletin boards and a chat room type of feature, It was a hoot, posters would argue and the screen would scroll and it took a bit to keep up with responding to comments. There were screen names and a moderator but one day it changed and to me the MSL web page is not the same. oh sure there was a version where you hag to log on and "register" but that registration is just another version of data mining. If you like to reminisce about the way MSL was, did you ever participate in the chat/bulletin board scrolling debates. Those were the days not a single prize was given away during those days and I bet there was a way to measure the popularity but it was not revenue generating.....

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
This is really great, I would love to join.m
Wish you a great weekend xo