Martha Stewart Café is Open for Business!

The Martha Stewart Café, located on the first floor of the Starett-Lehigh building in Manhattan, is open for business today - at least for staff! (The grand opening takes place on Thursday, when the café opens to the public.) Images of the 150 square-foot space at the Martha Stewart headquarters have already begun to pop up on Instagram. The café looks to be in keeping with the Martha Stewart design aesthetic: spare, utilitarian and unfussy with lots of stainless steel. In the photos below you can see some of the very nice branding on the paper cups and napkins! I'll have to visit next time I'm in NYC! Follow the Martha Stewart Cafe on Instagram (@marthastewartcafe) or at marthastewartcafe.com.
 Photo by @martha_weddings
Photo by @thejooyoung
 Photo by @rebekah_lowin
 Photo by @erikaraeowen
A screen shot of the main page at marthastewartcafe.com seems to indicate that packaged teas and coffees will be for sale, including "Martha's Blend" and "Espresso."


Good Things by David said...

Andrew, the logo of the cups and napkins is wonderfully simple and clean. I think she has a winner here!!

Unknown said...

I love the design of the paper products. I can't wait to visit!

David K. said...

That is so cool!! :D

Rowaida said...

Looks beautiful, I love the logo. Best wishes and a great success xx

Anonymous said...

Looks great, but now am going to sound negative.
With all the competition and the fact it has no seating capacity not sure this will be a growth business for Ms. Stewart ; and may will end up looking like another area of business that does not " pan out" ( ie office supplies , patio furniture, Martha by Mail)
I have no background in retail and strongly hope I am 100% wrong!

Co.Co. said...

I'm excited to know when the public can start ordering online. I want a little of everything!!!

Co.Co. said...

FYI. I'm sure u know. But for anyone interested? I I sent an e mail on the cafe site. The reply was yes the cafe will offer online ordering in the near future. Yeah!!! ; )