Golden Egg Mini Vases

I wanted to share a bit of Easter inspiration on the blog and remembered this wonderful craft that I saw at the Seventy Nine Ideas blog a couple years ago. It's such an easy project and the effect is really beautiful. If you didn't want to use the eggs as mini vases, as shown in these photographs by Radostina Bosseva, you could use these golden eggs as a centerpiece by grouping many of them in a bowl, varying the luster on the eggs by using bronze and gold spray paint, or keeping them entirely one metallic shade. To make them, begin first by blowing out the eggs. (You can watch the how-to process by clicking here.) Once the eggs have been blown from the shells, gently wash them under lukewarm water and let them completely dry. Lay the shells down on newsprint in a well-ventilated area. Spray the egg shells and allow them to dry completely: at least two hours. If desired, crack the tops off some of the egg shells, fill the shells with a small amount of water and place sprigs of lily-of-the-valley (or any small, delicate flower) inside. Arrange the eggs in an egg carton so that they stand upright when displayed. These egg shells can be carefully stored in an empty egg carton placed in a container lined with bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts.

A very nice way of presenting eggs of any sort is this ceramic egg crate, which holds six eggs. It is available at Anthropologie and comes in three colours: blue, white and chartreuse.

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Anonymous said...

These are SO pretty and simple. Wish I had more time to make something like this. Guess the coffee filter flowers will be good and they're already done. Happy Easter to all!!!