Martha at the Social Media Week Conference

Martha Stewart has always been an early adopter of new technology. From her first IBM computer in 1982 to her fleet of personal drones that now circle her farm taking photographs of her property, Martha has always been curious about technology and interested in its applications at home and at work. Despite this, she is quick to point out that technology is not yet making our lives simpler. If anything, she says, it is making them a bit more complicated as we spend hours glued to our mobile devices and home computers. Her fascination with technology, however, indicates that she is extremely optimistic about its potential.

Yesterday, Martha spoke at the Social Media Week conference in New York City about how she views technology and the roles it plays in her life and her company. In a discussion led by Barbarian Group CEO Sophie Kelly, Martha says that the latest technology is essential to any business and has many implications for the DIY movement in America. Click here to register with Social Media Week to watch the 40 minute interview with Martha.
Martha discusses technology with Sophie Kelly at the Social Media Week conference yesterday.
Beautiful cakes and cupcakes on Martha Stewart Collection cake stands are decorated with cake toppers created by the MakerBot 3D printer. These were on hand during Martha's talk. Also on offer were cookies decorated with Emoji-inspired marzipan.

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