Artful Hearts by Wendy Kromer

Even a quick glance through the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings will reveal the beauty of Wendy Kromer's confectionery artwork. Those spectacular wedding cakes with tier after tier of elaborately-decorated cake layers were more than likely created by Wendy. She began working with Martha Stewart Living as a contributing editor in 1995 after winning the blue-ribbon prize at the Culinary Art Show in Manhattan. Martha was quick to sign her on as a regular contributor to her new weddings magazine and to employ her skills in other areas of her company: her catalogs, her television shows and her other magazines. In 2007 she co-wrote her first book with Martha: Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes.

Wendy studied her craft at the Peter Kump School of Culinary Art in New York City after a ten-year run as a fashion model in Paris. Over the last ten years, Wendy has become the standard-bearer for all culinary artists. Her work is unparallelled. In 2005, Wendy and her husband Scott Schell moved to Sandusky, Ohio, and opened Wendy Kromer Confections, a unique bakery & design studio located in historic downtown Sandusky.  Wendy Kromer Confections reaches clients worldwide through Wendy’s continued work with Martha Stewart Living. While I am not a baker, I have always loved and admired Wendy's work enormously. Below are some of Wendy's heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day, made with astute attention to detail and so much love for her craft.


Kenn said...

Wendy's work is amazing. I have long admired her work since seeing her on the old Living show. Meeting her this last summer while in Sandusky was a thrill. She truly is an inspiration.

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Gorgeous valentine cookies. I remember Wendy's cakes on Martha's website and magazines, she is amazing and inspiring. I love her stunning Lambeth method piping techniques