Isla Del Encanto

I spent my Christmas holidays in Puerto Rico, which is where my partner, Tomas, was born and raised. It was my first tropical Christmas and one that I will remember forever. Tomas' family lives there and it was a very special trip for several reasons: we attended his brother's wedding, his nephew's Christening and it was also the first time my parents were able to meet his family! On such a bone-chilling day here in the Northeast, I thought it would be nice to share some of Puerto Rico's warm sunshine and blue skies with you. Below are some of my photographs from our two-week stay on this beautiful island.
This magnificent place is called Hacienda Camp Rico, which is where the wedding reception was held for Tomas' brother Armando and his wife Zobeida. It is an old plantation that has been converted into a grand reception hall.
Armando and Zobeida being photographed on the grounds.
The Hacienda keeps a small herd of white deer on the property, which graze peacefully.
There was a fantastic salsa band that was hired to play at the reception and everyone was dancing, including Tomas' Uncle Pakito, who was a real character! Below is Tomas' niece, Fabiola, who is as fabulous and beautiful as her name suggests!
The car that Armando and Zobeida were whisked away in was a 1963 Chevy Impala SS convertible, the only one of its kind on the island.
We stayed in San Juan, in a very vibrant region called Condado. It is only a short walk to the beach and just a ten minute drive to historic Old San Juan.
This is one of the guard towers at El Morro, the fort that was constructed by the Spanish army in the early 1500s. It is a fascinating site to visit.
Old San Juan is one of the most charming places on earth, with blue cobblestone roads and pastel-hued haciendas that date back centuries. Old San Juan is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is always a hub of activity, culture and commerce.
The ceiling at the San Juan Cathedral was enchanting.
This is the church in Carolina where Tomas' nephew Sebastian was Christened.
Sebastian was such a good boy and didn't make a fuss!
We also had the privilege of attending the Christmas recital for Tomas' niece and nephew, Giovanni and Fabiola, both of whom are so talented! It was a great show!
The beach at Guajataca, a town on the north coast of the island, is rugged and beautiful.
There are many gorgeous homes in Guajataca, perched on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic.
We took a short trip off the main island to the smaller island of Culebra, where we stayed for two nights. It is a very small community but the beaches here are fantastic.
We went swimming here, at Flamenco Beach, many, many times! The water was warm and so beautiful to swim in.
This quaint vignette was found at a very charming and delicious restaurant called La Casita Blanca, which serves traditional Puerto Rican cuisine.
Here I am posing with Tomas and my parents. They had a wonderful time on their first visit to the island! We all have many wonderful memories to keep us warm throughout the winter months.


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for sharing your holiday with us, It is great to meet your partner and your lovely parents. Congrats on Thomas's brothers beautiful wedding, pretty bride and beautiful name Zubaida, and congrats on his nephews christening. The photos are beautiful and looks like an amazing place. A wonderful place to visit.

Catherine from Connecticut said...

Thank you for sharing. You take beautiful photos and as we know, have a great eye.

David K. said...

I love Puerto Rico... Gorgeous pictures! Glad you had a safe and memorable trip!

jwilltrain said...

Hi Andrew, I lived in PR years ago (I'm half) and this article has inspired me to take my next vacation there. The reception site looks stunning! - Joshua W


That's wonderful, Joshua! I'm glad to hear it inspired you to vacation there next time. It's such a beautiful place and is gradually becoming my home away from home the more I travel there.