Brian Utz's Halloween Magic

My friend Brian Utz (a longtime Martha Moments reader) knows how to do Halloween! It is one of his favourite holidays and he often turns to Martha Stewart Living for inspiration and how-to when planning his Halloween parties and events. I'm always very happy to showcase Brian's work. You can read about Brian's past Halloween parties on the blog by clicking here. Below is a compilation of Brian's great Halloween projects - past and present. There is much more to be read about his inspiring ideas on his website, The Morbid Homemaker. (An appropriate title, don't you think?) If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, you can also catch occasional radio segments with Brian on "Mornings with Liz Bell" on Warm 103.3. I love seeing Brian's creativity at work and I hope you do too! Enjoy the photographs and get inspired this Halloween!   
Brian often uses Martha's special Halloween issues as inspiration for his costumes. Last year he made this stunning mask of a 'big-headed' French aristocrat, which was featured in the 2013 special Martha Stewart Halloween magazine. The year before that, Brian made his own 'Motha' costume, modeled after the one Martha wore.

This year, Brian held a Halloween Crafternoon Party with some of his young family members. It looks delightful! You can read more about it here.

 When it comes to decorating for Halloween, Brian always goes all out!

 Brian's pumpkin spice whoopie-pies? Yes please!
 If they run out, I'll happily try Brian's pumpkin bread!
This year, Brian held a 'Coven' party - a witch-themed gathering in his backyard. You can read all about the details and the menu here.

 Deliciously-oversized sugar cookies in festive Halloween shapes, smothered with icing!
 Brian's living room was completely transformed for the party! Spooky!
On his front lawn, a pretty scare-crow greets visitors. Happy Halloween!


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Brian certainly did it again, beautiful Halloween. Everything looks wonderful, love all the details. Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes xx

Anonymous said...

His design sence is Excellent.....very creative!
I would mention that his efforts are greater then shown at Ms Stewart's home ( as shown today on her Blog).
As Martha has done many times, due to her schedule she has left the decorating to her home staff** , and while it is good job, it is disappointing as so much is expected and inspiration is looked for.

** I am not picking on Laura, Martha's long time house keeper! Again she did a good decorating job......just not the same level as expected from MSL.

Brittany said...

Bravo Brian!!

Rowaida said...

Happy Halloween Andrew 🎃