Eat Clean

Several weeks ago, MarthaStewart.com introduced a new section on its website featuring videos that demonstrate recipes for healthy meals, snacks and beverages. The new video series is called "Eat Clean" and it coincides with the newly-renamed section in Martha Stewart Living magazine; what was once the Healthy Living portion of the Food & Gathering column has now been renamed Eat Clean.
The online how-to videos are hosted by Shira Bocar, a Martha Stewart Living food editor. A graduate of New York University, Shira received a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography and art history in 2000, as well as a Culinary Arts Diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City in 2002. Before joining Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 2004, Shira cooked in restaurants and worked as a recipe tester. Her favorite ingredient is olive oil, and she can't live without freshly ground black pepper at the table. Born and raised in Oklahoma, she now calls Brooklyn home.

I have really been enjoying this video series. The recipes are so delightfully simple and uncomplicated to prepare, yet they don't skimp on flavour. They're also extremely nutritious and perfect for anyone who is looking to eat a more health-conscious diet. (Try the strawberry and grapefruit smoothie! It's so delicious!) Click here to see all of the Eat Clean videos so far. You're likely to find something intriguing to make.


Anonymous said...

This may sound illogical or petty , but to me "Eat Clean" is a terrible unappetizing title.

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
This is amazing, I checked the video series and found so many delicious recipes. I love the title Eat clean. Thank you so much for this post
Best wishes xx