The July/August Issue

Many subscribers are now enjoying the summer issue (July/August) of Martha Stewart Living a few weeks early. One of the nice benefits of having a subscription is seeing the issue before the public does! Like last year, the summer issue is devoted primarily to entertaining with grilling tips and techniques, delicious cocktails, make-ahead desserts and more. The issue boasts 143 ideas for summer fun, including some easy crafts for kids. I don't have my issue yet but the cover was scanned by my friend Kenn for the blog. (Thanks, Kenn!) The issue will be on newsstands June 23rd. And, sadly, it will be the last issue we'll get until mid-August when the September issue arrives.


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, I love the cover so fresh and so summery I can't wait to receive my digital issue. Looking forward to your summer posts wish you a great one.
Tomorrow summer holiday begins, going back to London for two weeks then to the States.
Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous said...

While I would like to see issues the size of earlier Martha Stewart Living ,in particular as this is July/August issue, on review I was very impressed with its content. The photos/staging of 2 of the main articles was impeccable, allowing the reader to feel the beauty, warmth, and calm of a Summer day....... Thank you MSL

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APM, I completely agree with you. It's an issue I keep coming back to.