Winter's Last Hoorah

Returning home after a vacation is always bittersweet: while I love to get away and experience the adventures a new excursion can bring, I also like to come home and get back to familiar routines. My time skiing in the province of Quebec was wonderful. It was nice to spend time away with my family in a place as beautiful as the Laurentian mountains. We rented a condominium that was built in a beautiful chalet-style complex with views of the mountains and frequented the nearby villages for our meals and for shopping. We also went skiing and had an excellent time on the slopes, which were perfectly primed after such a ''healthy'' winter. The conditions were ideal for skiing and the views from the top of the mountains were spectacular. It was great to enjoy the last vestiges of this very persistent season. Below are some of my photographs. Click here to see more about where we stayed.

 The ''New Village'' of Mont Tremblant was designed to look like a European town. There are condominiums, hotels, shops and restaurants in this complex. The ''Old Village" is the original town and is much quieter. It also has many businesses but has a more rustic atmosphere.

This is where we stayed during our week away. Each one of these large residences is divided into six condominium units. Each one is beautifully appointed with top-of-the-line appliances and stunning views of the mountains and hillsides.
 This is the other side of our residence, which overlooked the snow-laden golf course.
 Here is my mom returning home after walking the dog, Marley.
This little doe walked by our kitchen window every single day. She was so adorable and it was great to be so close to such a beautiful wild animal.


Rowaida said...

Welcome back Andrew! Wow wow what a beautiful and amazing place, your photos are are amazingly beautiful.
Best wishes

Vanessa M. said...

Great photos Andrew! How nice to have frequent visits from a doe.

Welcome back.

Jessie said...

Fantastic photos Andrew!


Thanks, Jessie! High praise, indeed! :-)