Creative Wrapping Techniques

I think wrapping gifts is one of my favourite things about the holidays. I like wrapping presents almost as much as I like unwrapping them! I think it is the idea of self-expression that appeals to me - putting that special seal of uniqueness that lets the recipient know they are receiving a gift from YOU. Wrapping can be a very thoughtful and expressive way to show your appreciation for a friend or loved one and it's really your chance to be creative and play around with interesting ideas that are personal and fun. Below are 15 wrapping ideas: unexpected colour palettes, DIY wrapping paper and hand-crafted gift toppers. How will you be wrapping your gifts this year?
TRADITIONAL TWO-TONE: I'm still a sucker for traditional, almost Romantic wrapping papers and techniques. I love the red and white combination in this bundle. Each gift is wrapped with a different kind of paper but the colour scheme unites them all. They are all secured together with rough twine and then tied with a big red ribbon.The gift tag is a page from an old book that has been stitched with a triangular motif in red thread, securing several more pieces of fabric to the tag. Source.
TWIG GIFT TOPPERS: I really love these carefully constructed, tree-shaped gift toppers made of twigs and yarn. The recipient can keep them and use them as ornaments on the Christmas tree once the gift has been opened. Click here to see how to make them.
BE INVENTIVE: This series of gift-wrapping ideas employs so many fun and whimsical techniques. Layers of coloured yarn replace ribbon; plain white paper is scribbled on with cursive loops; festive tie-ons are made out of die-cut cardboard and felt, pine branches, and mini fuzzy pom-poms; Try mixing two papers on one gift or using fabric instead of paper. Click here to see how the wrapping for each of the gifts in this image was created.
SIMPLE AND ELEGANT: Find a really beautiful piece of plain paper without any pattern or texture and dress it very simply with twine and a pretty ornament for an effect that is clean and modern but still festive. The minimalist in your life will truly appreciate it! Get more ideas like this here.
GET CHEEKY: Let the recipients of your gifts decorate the paper themselves by wrapping the presents in plain white drawing paper with a group of wax crayons taped to the top. In this image the words "color me" are stamped on top. I think this is such a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of presenting a gift. It will also be entertaining to see how each person on your list decorates his or her paper! Kids would love to make a game or contest out of it.
WRAP AND ROLL: Gifts that are odd shapes, such as rolling pins or posters in cardboard tubes, give the wrapper the perfect opportunity to be creative. In this case, a large roll of plain white paper (available at art supply stores or even at the post office) was decorated using paint to create the effect of candy canes. The artist simply painted diagonal stripes across the paper and then rolled up the gift inside, securing the ends with black ribbon, bon-bon style. Click here for the how-to.
BROWN PAPER PACKAGES: Call me nostalgic, but I actually do like receiving some of my favourite things in brown paper tied up with string! I love the simplicity and rustic beauty - and they look great under a Christmas tree! You can buy large rolls of brown paper at craft supply stores or at the post office. You can buy twine at craft stores, also, in a myriad of different styles and textures. Source.
DRESS IT UP: If brown paper packages are just a bit too plain for you, try using your imagination to draw your own patterns onto the brown paper. Here, brown paper shopping bags are repurposed into gift wrap. Sharpie pens in black and white, as well as white-out, were used to draw snowflakes and swirls. Click here to see more.
LABEL IT LARGE: Another way to dress up simple brown paper is to label it using large, cut-out letters to spell the names of the recipients. Here, old book pages were used. Store-bought bows add some colour. Source.
BRING NATURE HOME: A very nice way to personalize a gift is with a natural gift toppers, such as these sprigs of cedar that have been tied into a wreath formation and then secured to the package with red and white baker's twine. It is festive, fragrant and really pretty. Click here to see more.
PERSONALIZE WITH A PHOTO: Try personalizing your gifts by using a photograph that speaks to the recipients interests as the gift topper. On this gift for a nature lover, branches and leaves are layered over a photograph of a tent in the wilderness. You could also use a favourite family photograph (or a colour copy of one) or even an illustration from a book. Click here to see more.
COMBINE TWINE: On this gift, baker's twine and thick paper ribbon are woven together to create a very pretty effect. Click here to see more ideas.
MIX IT UP: A mixture of different store-bought wrapping papers in interesting patterns are personalized with DIY gift toppers, from paper pom-poms to holly to Christmas trees. Click here to see more.
BOOK BOUND: Giving a lot of books this year? Make your own book covers using really pretty papers to personalize them. They not only look beautiful, they also serve to keep the covers of the books protected. The recipients of these books will be reluctant to remove these beautiful paper jackets!
GET COLOURFUL: As I said above, I do love tradition, but I also love the unexpected. I love the bright blue hues and the paper feather motif used as the gift toppers for these gifts. The feathers are very simple to create and when they're paired against plain, unadorned papers they really stand out. Click here to see how to make them.
FESTIVE TASSELS: Fresh pine needles (these are from a Scotch Pine) are tied into two bunches to create green tassels that pop against plain red paper. This is a really inventive and gorgeous way to top a gift!

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