Martha's New Laundry Storage Products at Home Decorators

I enjoy doing laundry. There, I said it. I know I'm not alone, either, because new home design trends indicate that large, functional laundry rooms are still top of the list for home buyers. I suppose there is something meditative about doing laundry: fresh, clean scents, the idea of cleaning and caring for the fabrics that surround us, drying and carefully folding our clothes and linens and ironing what needs to be ironed. Martha Stewart has always been a great proponent of doing laundry well: keeping the process organized and streamlined. Her new line of laundry storage products at Home Decorators offers a wide range of laundry-room storage units, including cupboads and shelves, baskets and hampers. My favourite, however, is the Laundry Storage Laundry Cart.  It makes staying organized easy with an ironing board and pad, stainless steel trays for laundry accessories and wheels for mobility. The ironing board lifts off, allowing the whole top to be used as an ironing surface. Drawers and shelves can store detergents and stain-removal products, sewing kits and lint brushes. Wheels also lock for stability, and an overhead bar makes hanging laundry convenient. It's sort of Laundry Command Central! Below is the laundry cart plus two hampers from the collection, indlucing one that can be braced inside a closet with a removable tote. Smart thinking!


David P. said...

Those look wonderful! I love how organized everything is!

I hope Martha decides to do collapsible drying racks (like the MSE ones) for indoor drying or ceiling-mounted ones that pull down like the one from Martha by Mail. Space saving laundry room must haves!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cart. My laundry room, rather area, would not allow this. One can dream. And, yes, you are not alone about enjoying doing the laundry.

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Wow! I love the Laundry Storage Laundry Cart, beautiful and very elegant.
PS I sent you an email I hope you will have time to check the photos.