Martha's Countdown to Christmas Starts Next Week!

Be sure to visit MarthaStewart.com on November 29th for the first of a series of videos called Countdown to Christmas. Hosted by Martha, and designed to help you prepare for the holiday season, these all-new videos will reveal Martha's best ideas for holiday decorating, giftwrapping, festive crafts and more! I really enjoyed last year's series of the same name. It was so great to see Martha in her kitchen, making beautiful things with her guests. I'm hoping the series was filmed at Bedford, as it was last year, but we'll have to tune in next Friday to find out for sure! Click here to watch some of last year's webisodes.


Rowaida said...

Thank you Andrew for the wonderful updates. I am looking forward to check on Friday Martha's website. The picture of Martha is amazing love love it. Have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

It seems as MarthaStewart.com is no longer in beta version. Not sure if I totally like how the site has the daily suggestions.