Martha at the Newsstand

Frequent visitors to the newsstand may have noticed Martha on the cover of two recent magazine issues. In Green Door magazine Martha opens up about her latest book, "Living the Good Long Life" and shares some of her philosophies about aging gracefully and healthily. In Flower magazine, a beautiful collection of flower arrangements from the book "Martha's Entertaining" is showcased with some of Martha's practical tips about making the best bouquets.

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Anonymous said...

I was at a newsstand at the checkout lane. Struck by the cover of MS's halloween make up and the other magazine picturing Mrs. Kanye West to be sub titled from nobody to somebody the making of KK as a celeb. the difference between generations and their icons. I see the older fan base of a MS recognized her hard work and contributions and the younger generation captivated by a Miley cyrus, KK before mylie cyrus became a spectacle for another thoughtless mindless smartphone texting internet game player type. If only the delete button worked in one more way I guess we all have an inner delete button remember the hold button on a phone once known as ignore---well edit would be a better word people need to edit some habits.