New Banners for The Martha Blog

Some of you may have already noticed several new banners that have been popping up on The Martha Blog lately. Beginning last Wednesday, a new banner was showcased each day with a different photo of Martha but all using a lower-case font for her name. The new font is a switch from the all-capital name that was originally used. I'm guessing they are testing out new ideas as they attempt to re-brand, so watch for more of these fun banners on The Martha Blog in the coming days. From the Martha fans I've spoken with, the lowercase font is a hit. Many of them have said that they find it more welcoming and less intimidating than the very formal, all-caps name. I have to agree! I'm waiting to see how the magazine will incorporate some of these changes in the coming months. We've already heard that the art directors are thinking of bringing Martha's name back to the magazine in a much bigger way. We will see how it all comes together. All I know is that these changes feel very refreshing.

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Rowaida said...

Beautiful Banners! I am glad that the art directors will bring Martha's name much bigger, can't wait to see the next digital issue. Have a wonderful day Andrew
Best wishes