I Scream, You Scream...

It occurred to me while sitting on a park bench the other day, holding a chocolate-dipped waffle cone in my sticky hand, that nothing beats a good, old-fashioned ice cream cone. And while summer may not have officially arrived, I can't deny my weekly urge for mint chocolate-chip or wild cherry or double-chocolate chunk. I am by no means advocating a steady diet of the creamy cold stuff (it's extremely fattening and my sensitive stomach often laments having to attempt to digest it) but every so often one must indulge. There is just something about the way the flavours dance on your tongue as they slowly melt in your mouth. Everyone has their favourite flavour, naturally, and usually a favourite brand (for me, it will always be Haagen Dazs) but ice cream lovers can all agree on one thing: summer just isn't the same without it. I just wanted to share some goodies with the ice cream enthusiasts among you. Enjoy!

Anthropologie has a great little 'ice cream shop' this summer with a variety of exclusive ice-cream accoutrements, such as the ceramic waffle ice-cream bowl and the ceramic ice-cream cone. Each comes in red, yellow or blue. The metail ice-cream scoop, shown here in teal, is sleek and modern and also comes in a bright chartreuse. A more rustic alternative is the teakwood scoop.
Kinfolk magazine - one of my favourites - put together a beautiful photo editorial with Parker Fitzgerald and Amy Merrick using flowers as ice cream for its seventh volume, the spring issue. It's such a simple idea but it's expressed so beautifully in these photographs, above. 
Cherry ice cream is one of my all-time favourites. It's rivaled only by mint chocolate-chip... and Rocky Road...and double chocolate...and Tiger Tail...and Vanilla. Below are two books containing some great recipes for homemade ice-cream written by the experts: San Francisco's Bi-Rite Creamery and Seattle's favourite Molly Moon's.


Rowaida said...

Happy Monday Andrew, beautiful post!
Last week while shopping at Anthropologie in London, saw the waffle ice-cream bowls and the ice-cream cones, love!! Will definitely buy some for my dessert table. I saw Kinfolk magazines on my daughter's bookshelf, beautiful and inspiring!

David Bondarchuck said...

Hey There Andrew

The best ice cream Book I own is from Emily Luchetti, Its called "a passion for Ice Cream".

I've made many selections from this book, Its my favorite. When catering, sometimes I include mini ice cream waffle cones for my summer entertaining and feature flavors from this book.