The "Home How-To" Series with Martha Stewart

In February, Martha Stewart Living and The Home Depot asked consumers to submit questions about home improvement. An avalanche of responses quickly came pouring in. To help answer these questions, a series of how-to videos was developed by Martha and The Home Depot, which you can watch beginning April 25th. Martha and a group of her home experts, including Kevin Sharkey, will show you how to tackle painting, decorating, organizing and gardening projects with confidence. There will be three videos a week, each with step-by-step instructions, ready-made shopping lists, behind the scenes information about how the Martha Stewart Living products are designed and Martha's personal answers to some of your questions. You can sign up to receive notifications of new videos by clicking here, where you can also watch a little preview!

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Rowaida said...

That's wonderful news. Thank you for the update Andrew