452 Pages, I do

Vogue magazine has nothing on the winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings! At 452 pages, it is the biggest issue the magazine has ever published - a fact that is proudly asserted on the cover, right next to the title. The weddings market is one of the few that is still going strong in the publishing world with dozens of magazines on the subject filling the newsstands. Brides and their families, it seems, reach for weddings magazines much more than the homemaker or gardener may reach for publications on her subjects of interest, these days. (Never underestimate a bride with a vision and her hunger for ideas!)
Martha Stewart Weddings is one of the few bridal publications that showcases all aspects of wedding planning, foregoing fashion trends in favour of classic, timeless (often DIY) ideas that will never date - ideas that can also be channeled into much wider spheres, such as entertaining and celebrating special occasions other than weddings: anniversaries, graduations, milestone birthdays.
Martha Stewart Weddings is at the top of its game, a magazine that I read regularly for ideas on entertaining, tablesettings, floral arrangements and styling ideas. I am never disappointed in Martha Stewart Weddings. Even though I don't subscribe or buy every single issue, I am always inspired by the ideas in its pages. Here is a peek at the winter issue, below. Please also visit Darcy Miller's adorable new website! You can also meet Darcy at an event on January 27th in New York City, Martha Stewart's Wedding Party, produced by Claudia Hanline of The Wedding Library. Find out more and buy tickets here.


Anonymous said...

My goodness she is talented to paint cakes. I wonder what kind of cake it was -- to me-- I ask you, does fondant taste as if it belongs on a cake? is it me or does not fondant taste so so?? is there a fondant supreme somewhere, out there --in the cake world??

Anonymous said...

I just learned of Darcy Miller last year. I am a fan of the Sirius XM channel and she was a guest on Kevin Sharkey's design show. I hate the constant pimping of Home Depot, but I manage.

What's surprising is that today I don't see the channel available any longer. I fear it may be another cost-cutting victim. I believe Sirius XM pays for content, so they may have decided it was no longer monetarily feasible. I am hoping I am wrong. In addition to Kevin's design show, I loved the weekly Ask Martha and a new show hosted by one of the research editors.

Has anyone heard anything?

- Marc

p.s. Andrew, I loved your first 2013 piece. Very sharply put and so well put together. I hope the folks at MSLO read it. If I had twitter I would have tweeted it out to them.


Thanks, Marc! I went to the radio Facebook page and people are asking where the station has disappeared to. No announcement about cancelling radio, but it seems something is awry...

Anonymous said...

Awry? Awry?-- they answer to no one listener only kowtow to advertises $$ talks hello? Has the subscriber income fell off a fiscal cliff ?