The August Issue

In the land of lifestyle magazines, August belongs to Martha: the month our Leonine goddess was born, almost 71 years ago. Maybe that's why I am usually very fond of the August issues of Martha Stewart Living: Historically, they have often had elements of her stylish imprint on every page. August is also a time when many of us find time to escape our routines and embark on summer adventures: road trips, camping excursions, cottage getaways or finally making that trek to the local beach you swore you'd visit last year. It's a time of bounty - high summer, in all its spendor. This year's August issue treads boldly into the land of modern 'travel & leisure' while keeping its editorial roots intact. I think readers will be most enamoured of the feature about Martha's epic, three-day birthday bash last year at Skylands, where she invited over 65 guests to help her celebrate her 70th. The table settings, centerpieces and recipes from the occasion will inspire you!
Like June's "Summer Food Issue" stamp, the August issue has been labeled the "Summer Travel Issue" with features set in Maine, the Adirondacks, various hotels around the United States and entertaining ideas that bring the tastes and colours of far-off lands into our very own kitchens and patios. Below are some photographic highlights from the issue.
*Entertaining at Skylands*
*America's Best Hotels*
*Growing Plants With Health Benefits*
*Aquatic Gardens*
*Swirly Summer Desserts*
*A Trip to the Adirondacks*

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