A Visit to Witteveen Friesians

Yesterday, Tomas and I enjoyed a day in rural, southwestern Ontario, a region about two hours from Toronto that is defined by its undulating landscape and beautiful scenery. Our guide was a regular reader of Martha Moments who contacted me after seeing me on Martha's show in 2010. He and I have been in touch for a couple of years but only yesterday met for the first time. He lives not far from the farm where Martha Stewart purchased her five Friesian horses in Paris, Ontario: Witteveen Farm.

On our way to see his lovely little house (which is filled to the brim with beautiful examples of furniture from the Martha Stewart Collection) we stopped by the farm for some roadside snapshots. Thankfully, because of the cooler, cloudy weather, the horses were out in the fields. We tried to get them to come closer, but they were shy. Even from a distance their majesty shines through: their lustrous black coats, their dignified posture, their steady gallop. You can read about the farm here. To read about Martha's most recent visit to Witteveen, click here. In a few days, I'll have a post about my friend's Martha-inspired home in Brantford, Ontario. In his décor you will see a true example of how Martha Stewart's furniture collections, paint colours and linens all work together to create a beautiful, cohesive look.
In this image from Vanity Fair, you can see the Witteveen Friesians enjoying their new home at Cantitoe Corners, Martha's residence in Bedford, New York.


Anonymous said...

what fun to see the Friesians in their original home. Hope you and Tomas had a wonderful visit. So looking forward to seeing Darrell's decor.

Anonymous said...

Now have you ever written an essay about cantitoe corners? I understand MS purchased several tracts to "rebuild" the Sharpe's estate? anyway Years ago she had a segment on her show where she introduced the property -- I guess she said bedford I was half listening- having no idea of the monumental announcement she made -- and I thought she said bronson road ( bronson a town near where I live) thus began my search to find out more-- also the NYT had a story about her Seal Harbor property another tidbit, yes --early on it was exhilarating to hear bits and pieces and try to fill in the missing parts now I read your blog more often then MS LOL I know thw entire point of a blog is to break(ing) bad I mean break into a commercial enterprise but I like the raw rough blogs when someone hits the jackpot and is on GMA well that edge the hunger is gone and then it is formula to separate me from my cash Oh am I cynical or what . Keep at It and well pod casts and a web TV show is in your future and well the world is your Oyster


The Bronson Rd. property was in Westport, not far from Turkey Hill. She never developed it but still owns it. Thank you for reading! Just doin' what I do!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time - so nice that the weather was cooperating, too. Love the pictures of the Friesians.

Daniella said...

Ha! I was just about to post in my earlier comment, did you know Martha got her horses from the Witteveen Farm? Very cool!