The June Issue: Restructuring Content

The June issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived at my doorstep just in time for weekend reading: perfect timing! The weather is cooperating, too, with temperatures that feel divinely summery. June heralds some notable changes from issues past and offers some restructuring changes, delivering its front-of-issue content in a new format. First, it should be noted that this June the issue is devoted almost entirely to food and summer cooking. It was even named on the front cover as "The Summer Food Issue." This may well be an annual tribute to summer sustenance, joining the ranks of the seasonal special issues: the Gardening Issue (March), the Entertaining Issue (July), the Decorating Issue (September) and the Holiday Issue (December).
The magazine also has two new sections that group various stories at the front of the magazine by theme: Food and Entertaining and Good Living. The former is fairly self-explanitory. It contains the 'What's For Dinner' column, the 'Fit To Eat' recipe section, the 'Cookie of the Month' and a new page about wine and spirits. Following this is the Good Living section, which houses content about making a house a home: decorating, gardening and collecting articles. (No article by Kevin Sharkey in this issue...) So, there are now four main content sections at the front of the issue: Our Finds, Beauty & Style, Good Things, Food & Entertaining and Good Living. As a reader, I enjoy the categorization. I love compartments and departments. It keeps my attention focused on the theme at hand and allows me to explore a subject in-depth.
The back of the issue serves up delicious summer fare that will make you want to eat al-fresco, go berry picking and invite all your friends over for a casual feast. Food editor Jennifer Aaronson takes us 'clamming' in Rhode Island; Martha shows us her berry patches at her Bedford farm and gives us some gorgeous ideas for summer berry desserts. Try your hand at some new and innovative dressings, dips and summer sauces. A Korean-born hostess in Connecticut mixes salumi with bulgogi and pickles with parmigiano for a multicultural feast with friends. Plus, a fisherman and forager in Oregon shows us how to make the best of the season's offerings


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Greetings from London! Looks like an amazing issue I can't wait until it is available on digital. Beautiful images on the front and back cover.
Amazing sceneries in the parks at this time in London Wow gorgeous flowers I will send you some photos.
I went shopping to Anthropology on Regent st and remembered you, bought monogramed mugs beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend
St James Park in London,


Lovely photos, Rowaida! You have such a great appreciation of beauty! Enjoy your time in London!