Rare Instruction Booklets For Collectors

In 2007, when Martha Stewart first introduced her line of craft supplies at Michael's craft stores the company issued four special instruction booklets on various themes. They were sold exclusively at Michael's and are not special issues, exactly, just very glamorous and instructive pamphlets. The booklets are magazine-sized and each one is 24 pages, printed on sturdy card stock paper, ad-free. They initially sold for $4.95 each but would likely fetch double that today, given their rarity. I rediscovered them as I was sorting through my magazine collection and, much like my Blueprint post, wanted to share the covers with some of you collectors out there and archive them here for posterity. The booklets are really pretty and each one is based on a crafty theme: cake decorating, card making, gift wrapping and cookie decorating. Each booklet contains templates and how-tos and the food-related issues also contain recipes. Look for them on eBay!
Inside, the pages are beautifully printed with useful photographs and instructions for many projects.


Kenn said...

Guess who has the entire set? :-)

Anonymous said...

I have 3 of the 4! It's often difficult to collect the whole set since my hometown Michaels is pretty inconsistent in putting out all the goodies.
Vicki (from Alaska)


Kenn, I had no doubt! :-) Vicki, they weren't in the store for very long - probably just a month or two.