Sweet, Sweet Paul

It boggles my mind that I have never blogged about Sweet Paul magazine. I'm sure many of you have heard of (or are obsessed with) this beautiful online magazine. It is a glorious publication devoted to food and lifestyle that publishes four times a year - soon to be six, hopefully. The style is whimsical and light, aspirational and inspirational with tremendous original recipes to dazzle the palette, crafts to excite the creative spirit and decorating ideas to entice your artistic side.

"Readers say it's as if Anthropologie did Martha Stewart Living," says Paul Lowe, the founder and creative director of the magazine. (As someone who works at Anthropologie and subscribes to Martha Stewart Living, you can imagine how delighted I am by that. We, at Anthropologie, constantly source Sweet Paul for inspiration.)

Paul Lowe Einlyng, the founder of Sweet Paul, grew up in Norway and is now living in New York City, working as a stylist, editor, publisher and magazine developer. He also blogs. His latest issue, the holiday issue, has published and Paul contacted me to make sure I let all of you know. He is extremely proud of this particular issue - his biggest one yet. You can view it and download it here. Below are some samples from its lovely pages. I hope they will entice you enough to become regular readers! And please do try the recipes; they are straightforward, using simple but delicious ingredients, and the results are sure to satisfy.

Simple holiday wreaths.
BIG cookies.

Tartan crafts.

The best holiday foods.

Eat your greens...

...but save room for chocolate.

Handmade jewelry how-tos.


Heloisa said...

Wonderful post...

Julia said...

I love Sweet Paul! And Martha! And Anthropologie! There's just too many good things going on here! (And possibly too many exclamation points).


Julia, you're hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol)

Paige Knowles said...

How beautiful, I can't believe I have never stumbled upon this before! Thank you for sharing.