Martha's Snow Lace Collection

I'm such a sucker for a pretty package. If it has detail, intricacy and a thoughtful theme, I am guaranteed to be smitten - and will likely delay the opening process just to admire the loveliness. That's why I fell in love with the Snow Lace food packaging and labeling products by Martha Stewart Crafts, a line that is new to their holiday collection of craft supplies this year, available at Michael's and other craft-supply retailers. I love the red and white (very candy-cane, very Scandinavian) and I love the wintry lightness of some of the blues, greys and greens. They are the perfect vehicle for your artfully-baked and decorated holiday goodies! Below is a gallery of some of my favourite packages from the collection. You can see the full collection here.

Snow Lace Present Treat Box

Snow Lace Ornament Treat Box

Snow Lace Die Cut Treat Bags

Snow Lace Treat Bags

Snow Lace Bakeable Trays (Put them right in the oven!)

Snow Lace Compartment Treat Box

Snow Lace Wine Labels

Snow Lace Vellum Stickers
Snow Lace Labels
Snow Lace Ribbon

Snow Lace Gift Tags

Snow Lace Cardboard Coasters

 Snow Lace Mini Drink Picks
Snow Lace Mini Food Picks

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