PetSmart Giveaway: Martha Stewart Cat Feeders!

The very nice people at PetSmart contacted me with an opportunity to provide one of my lucky readers with a giveaway from the new Martha Stewart Pets line for cats at PetSmart. The reader will receive the Martha Stewart Double Feeder for cats in signature blue as well as the Martha Stewart Silicon Feeding Mat for cats, also in blue. The items will be shipped directly from PetSmart to the lucky winner to anywhere in the United States or Canada.

So, here's what you have to do. It's easy: send an email to dreamboat7@hotmail.com with "Martha Moments Giveaway" as the subject line stating why you deserve to win these pet products, and you don't necessarily have to be a cat owner. Keep the comment short - one or two sentences - and be sure to state your name and write your location in the comment. Again, only readers with Canadian or US addresses are eligible to win these items.

All of the submissions will be posted as comments on this post by me for others to see. The winner will be chosen on Monday, September 19th, and announced in a new post with their comment and name published in the text. I will then contact you personally by responding to your email with the exciting news! I will notify my contact at PetSmart and she will ship the items directly to your address. Good luck everyone! Here is a bit more about the prizes:
This double-feeder is efficient, modern and stylish. Includes air-tight lids for easy travel with your pet. Durable, lightweight, easy to clean. Rust-proof stainless steel bowls that can be removed for cleaning. Silicon ring under rim reduces noise. Liquids stay cooler longer. Non-skid bottom. Rubber base prevents marking of floors. Shaped hand-grip makes moving the bowls easier, without spills. Lids keep food fresh. A PetSmart exclusive.

This lipped-edge mat prevents messy spills and makes clean-up easier. A PetSmart exclusive.


Jessie Hodgson said...

My two cats, Koah and Neko would be extremely greatful to win these bowls. Koah is an odoptee found on the streets of Daegu, Korea and Neko was odopted from the Ottawa Humane Society, what other two cats would be more greatful to eat from this lovely double cat feeder then them. They would truly appreciate it;)

Kristie Nicholson said...

The Martha Stewart Double Feeder and Silicon Mat
would be purrfect for my cat!!!
The covered bowls would be great to store
and the mat would keep food off my floor!!!

Kristie Nicholson
North Carolina

Jennifer McAlinden said...

hello there, my name is jennifer mcalinden and i have three cats that love martha stewart as i do, they have the martha stewart dog dishes but now they really want the new cat dishes! thank you for your wonderful blog, i just love it!

Jennifer McAlinden
Muskegon, MI

Mark Tanner said...

I adore my two cats Norris and Stanley. They were both adopted from a shelter as adult cats and they have been constant companions, though thick and thin. I know they would feel so lucky to be feeding from a Martha Stewart cat dish! Mark Tanner in Denver.

Kenn said...

With four cats, Martha, Riko, Cinnamon and Sirius (yes, named after Martha Stewart and Sirius Satellite Radio) the feeder and mat would be the perfect addition to our home. Besides.. the blue matches our kitchen!

Kenn and David LaFramboise
Detroit, Mi

Liz said...

My orange tabby recently passed away and I miss him so much. Maybe if I win these Martha Stewart cat items from PetSmart I will be encouraged to look for a new adorable feline. But no one could ever replace Morton. Liz H. in Banff, Alberta

Unknown said...

I am desparately looking to get my hands on this food dish or one similar with a lid. PetSmart has been all sold out for a while and I can't find something like this ANYWHERE! Any chance you can tell me where I can purchase one? Thank you!