Markets of New England

When I look back on some of our family trips, some of the best memories stem from the road trips we took to Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire when I was growing up. These states, along with Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, make up a region known as New England bordered by Canada, the Atlantic Ocean and New York State. Overflowing with a unique charm and particular kind of rustic refinement found nowhere else in North America, this northeastern corner of the U.S. is a must-see for anyone interested in antiques, quaint architecture, pastoral landscapes and wonderful, homegrown food. (If you love Martha, you'll adore New England! Martha's entire oeuvre is based on the aesthetics and atmosphere these states are known for.)
I was delighted, then, when I discovered a book called "Markets of New England" by writer and blogger Christine Chitnis, who is a regular reader of this blog, I'm thrilled to report! All of my memories of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire came flooding back as I leafed through its pages. It's a gorgeous guide to the best roadside and off-road markets (50 in total) throughout New England. The pages also feature some of Christine's gorgeous photographs of the places she visited.

Visit Christine's beautiful blog here. You can order the book here.

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