More Monday Hearts for Madelene

Last year, I brought you the touching story of Page Hodel and her partner Madelene Rodriguez and the beautiful book about their love called "Monday Hearts for Madelene." Page, a talented photographer and musician, created and photographed these glorious heart-shaped images (using all manner of found pieces) for her best friend and lover, Madelene, every single Monday morning. You can see some examples of these lovely works of art below. When Madelene passed away of ovarian cancer just a year after the two women met, Page continued her love project, vowing never to stop creating a heart for her beloved each and every Monday. Please take some time to read about their story in last year's post and see more examples of Page's gorgeous work. Also, please visit Page's site for more information about Page's projects which help raise money for women's cancers.

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SuSu said...

I also subscribe to her feed - those hearts are just so beautiful. I'm an ovarian cancer survivor - a very lucky woman - so the hearts are very meaningful to me. Wonderful story about the two of them.