Petkeeping Debuts

Be sure to tune in to the premiere episode of "Petkeeping With Marc Morrone" Tuesday at noon on the Hallmark Channel. The show is taped at Marc's famous pet shop (Parrots of the World) on Long Island, New York, and follows Marc as he interacts with customers, veterinarians, animal behaviorists and his trademark menagerie of fawning creatures, big and small. Viewers will get expert advice on how to care for the animals they love and cherish and learn about how to solve common problems associated with petkeeping.
Last year, Marc was kind enough to contact me and send me an advanced copy of his book, shown above, which I highly recommend. (You can read my review here.) The book examines how he started his pet business and explores his lifelong love of animals. It's filled with wonderful anecdotes and humorous tales of his animal adventures. (Turns out Marc is the Indiana Jones of the pet world!)


Anonymous said...

did the police ever track down the perps that broke into his store?


No, I don't believe they did. It's pretty sad, actually.

Anonymous said...

aww too cute!