I follow in the tradition of all the great Capricorns whose birthdays fall somewhere between Christmas Day and New Year's Day: self-promote, or risk having your special day be forgotten in the fog of holiday madness. My birthday is December 27th (Marlene Deitrich, Gerard D├ępardieu) and I have no qualms about shamelessly screaming this from the proverbial mountain top. To help myself celebrate, and to help us all remember that birthdays are fun and special, no matter the time of year, I thought I'd mention the amazing assortment of birthday ideas in the 2011 January issue of Martha Stewart Living. Filled with downloadable clip-art and all sorts of colourful ideas, the feature article is sure to leave you inspired. Happy Holidays. And Happy Birthday. (To me.)

Transform a space in an instant with a series of giant paper globes and medallions. A sophisticated cake and flutes filled with champagne say that this is no kid's party. For sources, click here.
Among the clip-art downloads that are available are these printed numbers. The editors suggest to use them to wrap around chocolate bars as gift favours. Remove the original wrapper from the bar, add a band of plain coloured paper and then another band of paper with the number(s) printed on them. Click here to download the clip-art.Honour the birthday boy or girl with monograms. Fashion them from wire, glitter or wax and hang them on a wall, prop them up on a table, or set them on a cake. Click here for sources. Among the suggested use of letters and lettering are these bold characters: Use them on invitations or string them together to make a banner spelling a name or a word of your choice. Click here for the clip-art.


chandlerguera said...

Happy Birthday to you, and to me too, in eight more days. I will be celebrating this year in Vegas. Really enjoying your colorful and classy blog!

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

~ Gabriela ~

Stephane said...

Ha! I waited until today, love. Happy birthday, Andrew! I hope it's filled with love.

Dustin L. Lewter said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!! Hope you have a great one!!

Perfecting Pru said...

A belated birthday wish from me Andrew. You were in my thoughts yesterday. I hope you celerated in good style! Here's to a great year ahead for you.

Pru xx

Anonymous said...

a belated happy birthday to you. i read your blog all the time and would have yesterday too except that i was one of those poor souls traveling (i was lucky tho--only one extra day in airports due to the weather). anyway, happy birthday and warm wishes for a wonderful 2011.
vicki in alaska

chateaudelille said...

Love all these ideas and love your blog! Im having such fun surfing thru and getting great ideas!!! Fiona.
ps Im a capricorn too. Happy Birthday.

josh kilmer-purcell said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope to see you and your mom again this year sometime!


We're planning on it, Josh! :-)