The All-Over Paper Punch

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Martha's craft line. The craft punches are among the top sellers for the company, proving to be increasingly popular with scrapbookers and paper crafters alike. What makes the tools and materials so alluring is their durability, their imaginative designs and their unique purposes, including punches that can not only create a design along the edge of a piece of paper, but around its edges as well. Now crafters can punch interesting cut-out designs anywhere on the paper they choose (top left, bottom right, or dead center) without being limited by the tools' reach.

A new punch, called the "Punch All-Over-The-Page" punch, uses magnets to secure the top and bottom pieces together, sandwiching the paper between them. Simply press down on the top piece to punch out the design anywhere on the page. The new punch is available at Michael's and various craft retailers. For a demonstration on how it works, click here. To see all of the punch patterns available, click here.


Gabriela said...

Hello Andrew,

I actually collect her craft punches. This one is brilliant with the magnet, it fits perfectly on the paper! I am getting one!

Thanks so much for sharing!

~ Gabriela ~


Hi Gabriela, I have two of her punches and love them. They're so sturdy and they do such a great job. I even use them on store-bought stationery to 'dress it up' a bit. Gotta get one of these punches, too.

Sabina said...

Ooooh, love it!