Halloween Clip-Art from October's Living

Don't forget to download and print this year's brilliant batch of Halloween clip-art, featured in the pages of the October 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living. From creepy coasters to insidious invitations, you'll find a whole gamut of goods to print out this year to help you decorate and celebrate this most fearsome of festivities. Click here to download and print the 2010 Halloween clip-art templates, plus many more from Halloween issues past.
This magical vignette that depicts a flurry of butterflies escaping from the pages of a specimen book is simple to recreate by downloading the butterfly templates (which are already coloured) onto sturdy card stock. Simply cut them out, fold and glue them into place and dangle them from fishing twine.More from the specimen cabinet: These creepy specimen labels, with categories like "Jellyfish Skeletons" and "Petrified Firebird Eggs" can printed onto peel-and-stick paper and then adhered to jars of Halloween candy that resemble their descriptions. The template also includes several blank labels so that you can create your own.
Little insects decorate these coaster patterns. Print them onto paper and glue them onto cardboard coasters. These insect-themed Halloween invitations are free for the printing! Simply print them onto card stock and fill in the blanks.

I love this elaborate sea-life skeleton poster. You can download it for free, print it and use the editors' idea of framing it with plastic bones.

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