Hand-Hooked Skylands Rug

I received a beautiful email recently from a textile artist named Micheline Mann, who creates stunning hand-hooked rugs from her home and studio in Paisley, Ontario. She had come upon my blog and wanted to share images of this rug she hand-hooked for Martha for her home in Maine. The inscription reads "Skylands 1925" (the year the home was built) and featured prominently in the imagery is a pair of ring-necked pheasants, which are native to Mount Desert Island.

Micheline sent the rug to Martha and not long after she received a personal call from Martha's assistant thanking her for the rug and letting her know how much Martha loves it. I wouldn't be surprised if this rug is now somewhere in that sprawling hilltop estate.

A photo of the work in progress.
That's the completed rug, above. So much detail! To see more of Micheline's beautiful rug work visit her website at mannmadestudios.com.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful rug! Wonderful colors and patterning.

". . a personal call from Martha's assistant. . ." Go figure - I know Martha is a busy lady, but really!

hand knotted rugs said...

I probably won't like to use this as a rug. The design is too beautiful for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hand Knotted Rugs for your comment. I do like my rugs on the floor - they are backed with 100% linen which does not rot like the burlap our mothers used before us and the wool is washable - in fact, I throw my rugs into a delicate cycle - cold water wash and lay flat to dry. Direct sunlight is more harmful that using the rug on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous for your kind comments on my rug. I was surprised that I actually got a call of any kind and very flattered. What I'd really like is if Martha's tv crew would schedule me on the show to demonstrate rug hooking and talk about the history a bit........how do I convince them of that?!