Martha Stewart Living Thailand

As some of you may have read, Martha Stewart Living is expanding its readership to international audiences. One of the most recent forays is in Thailand. The magazine now publishes there, monthly, with a circulation of 20,000. It is issued by The Post Publishing Company. Below are images of each of the issues that have so far been published in Thailand. Martha Stewart Living now publishes in several countries around the world in languages other than English: Poland, Mexico, the Philippines and Brazil among them. Martha also published magazines in Japan and Israel but those ventures did not succeed.

The October issue is Volume 1, Issue 0. It was released on newsstands in Thailand last September to get readers excited about the magazine. The November issue is considered to be the first subscriber issue, as noted on the cover: Volume 1, Issue 1.

The cover for the March issue is one not yet seen by North American subscribers!

This is the latest, the April issue.


Kenn said...

Hmm.. I wonder if the 'new' cover yet to be seen in the US and Canada will be the cover for the July issue, which is historically the "summer entertaining" issue.

It's a nice cover!
Great finds, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

How many issues did the Japan and Israel versions run?

Are the international versions a complete repurposing of the domestic magazine or are there additional features and articles specific to those countries as well? If the latter. I would love to see those.


There were six issues of the Japanese edition, plus a special Christmas issue. There were only two of the Israeli version. Generally, they are repurposed articles but there is always at least one feature specific to the country or culture. For instance, an article on soba noodles or Japanese pottery. Many of these international issues feature photographs not seen in the U.S. version.