Martha Stewart Weddings Templates

A coworker of mine, who was married a couple years ago, used a plethora of Martha Stewart Weddings templates for her reception and was astounded that all of the designs were free for download at marthastewart.com. Another friend of mine (and blog reader) Brian, reminded me today about these wedding templates and how diverse they really are, prompting me to blog about them.

As I've said here countless times when discussing the Martha Stewart Weddings brand, you do not have to use these ideas exclusively for weddings. Any formal or semi-formal party can be beautifully embellished with these ideas. The same is true of the templates below, all of which can be downloaded at marthastewart.com for free by visiting
this link. You can download them for their intended use or stretch your imagination and use them just about anywhere for just about anything!
Download the editable template to create your own menu, and just fill it in with the courses you plan to serve at your reception. Print it on ivory card stock (one letter-size sheet yields two menus), and trim the cards to size using a ruler and craft knife for a precise cut. (Andrew adds: These could also be used for an anniversary or formal dinner party).
The classic ensemble of a striped button-down shirt and French-knot cuff links inspired these favors in summery hues, which are filled with saltwater taffy. The plain white boxes can be purchased at craft stores and wedding supply stores. Download the wrapper templates and get started. (Andrew adds: These would also be adorable to store spare buttons, needles & thread or the business cards of your favourite apparel stores.)

Download these covers for your programs. You have the option of printing these motifs in three different shades: orange, aqua, or gray. If you want to add more visual punch, try experimenting with the paper color. The paper here is in a range of soft, complimentary hues -- peach, coral, and pale sage -- for a palette that's at once soothing and arresting. (Andrew adds: Any homemade journal would be beautifully dressed in these covers, wedding or no wedding.)
What Tree Did You Fall From?" is a Celtic version of astrology, and the perfect distraction for those awaiting the Wedding March. Download the personality list to help complete your programs. (Andrew adds: This would be a fun St. Patrick's Day party favor!)
How not to be a Bridezilla? Pick something your bridesmaids really can wear again, then list the details on a handy card. Download the template, type in contact info, and print onto card stock. Write in other details, and add fabric swatches and images. Use a rotary cutter with a perforating blade to create a tear-off card that can be tucked into a wallet for easy reference. (Andrew adds: You can modify this and transform it into a gift announcement - a dress you're making for a friend, or even a d├ęcor item you're thinking of making or buying. Since style is so personal, let the receiver of the gift in on the planning by having them fill out these cards with their preferences and specifications.)
To fashion these monogrammed labels, print on adhesive or regular paper and cut out with a 3-inch circle punch. (Andrew adds: The uses for these monogram labels are endless!)
Dress up round candy containers with fanciful medallions printed on stickers or paper stock. (Andrew adds: These would be perfect for the lid of any pretty container for any purpose.)

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Kevin said...

I am so glad that MSLO keeps these templates on the site for public use - they really are beautiful and versatile. Reading your post this morning makes me miss the monthly Clip Art feature in MSL! :-)