The Martha Stewart Cable Channel?

According to several publishes sources, including the Los Angeles Times, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is in talks with Crown Media (which distributes the Hallmark Channel) to potentially develop a Martha Stewart lifestyle cable channel. There was no comment from either MSLO or Crown about this, but Broadcasting & Cable writer Claire Atkinson (who has been right about these things before) assures readers that these talks are taking place, but insists that they are very preliminary with no formal plan yet in the works.

For us fans, this is amazing news! With Martha Stewart poised to take up 1/3 of all of Hallmark's air time this fall, the idea of a Martha Stewart cable channel is simply the next logical step. Just think of the possibilities! If there was to be a Martha Stewart network, what sorts of new shows would you love to see, aside from repeats of Martha Stewart Living?


Kenn said...

Wow.. where do I begin to answer your question?! My dream shows would be:

1. "Mad Hungry" w/ Lucinda Scala Quinn

2. "Homegrown" w/ Andrew Beckman

3. Martha Stewart Living Television, ran by season.. not topic.

4. "Your Home" w/ Kevin Sharkey

5. "everyday Baking" w/ John B.

6. Pet Keeping w/ all the MSL-Radio pet experts

7. Bring back Margaret Roach.. in her own show!

8. WOuld love to see all the old Martha Stewart Living Christmas specials originally aired on CBS, starting in 1995.

I could go on and on....


Great ideas, Kenn! I'd love a show on homekeeping and organizing, maybe one on collecting with Fritz, a weddings show, of course. And how about a Martha Moments show with hosts Andrew and Kenn, celebrating all the goodies and collectibles as we overly-enthusiastic fans do! (I'd watch it!)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hallmark/Crown want to see how she does on their channel with the extensive line-up. If they think they can get sponsors for it, maybe they'd give the green light. Having an entire channel is a little daunting, and I don't know what the expense would be for the host producers, in this case Crown.

Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE the old Martha Stewart holiday specials!!! So soothing and nice, like a big bowl of sweet rice pudding. Oh, and I'd love more decorating and perhaps video tours of Martha's homes... saved for special occasions of course. I'd like to hear more from Kevin Sharkey, and Ina Garten, Martha's old friend. Throw in a couple "Golden Girls" reruns and I'm in heaven!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see something along the lines of Blueprint magazine...a little younger and more hip with a focus on DIY style a la Craft or Ready Made magazines.

Anonymous said...

We need hallmark channel in Canada!!!!!!

David said...

How about "From My Home to Yours" as a show? Wouldn't it be great if Martha taped some show segments straight from inside her homes? I would love to see her & her chefs behind the scenes preparing for a party, etc... (think, the stable kitchen, the Cantitoe Kitchen, the Summer House Kitchen, Lily Pond, Skylands...perhaps @ Lexi's new apt.). PLEASE MARTHA!!!



Love that idea, David!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see her old original shows intact. And all the rest of the ideas already given...but I agree a whole channel can be daunting unless you think about repeating new episodes throughout the week or day.

(in Alaska)