Gift Wrapping Station

How do you store your wrapping paper, ribbons, trim and tie-ons? If you're anything like me you resort to grouping a bunch of rolls of gifwrap together and stuffing them at the back of a closet. Ribbons are stuffed into a shoe box and little tie-ons and tags are crammed into a plain brown envelope marked "Tags" in black Sharpie. (I may love the art of gift-wrapping, but the keeping of such occasional fare generally escapes my somewhat exacting standards.)

However, the wall-mounted gift-wrapping station ($299) at Pottery Barn is a stroke of organizational genius. I only recently discovered it during a recent trip to the store, and it hasn't quite left my imagination since. What I like about it is that it is wall-mounted, safely and neatly kept out of one's path, easy to access (no stooping or reaching required) and perfectly appointed for prime storage. It measures 32.5" wide by 34" high and has two drawers with labels for various ribbons, scissors and trim. There is a space for envelopes and craft booklets (Martha Stewart Holiday issues anyone?) and two shelves for extra storage. Nicest of all is the ability to store four of your favourite papers and ribbons on sturdy wooden dowels.

It would be the proverbial cherry in any craft room scenario, but the perfect proportions of the piece would lend themselves to just about any room in the house: a spare bedroom, the laundry room, the home office, even a quiet corner in the kitchen. Get wrapping!

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Kenn said...

I saw a similar wrapping station at Michaels not too long ago.. a great idea for the home craft/project room!
LOVE the December header!!!!