Clip-Art for Fright Night

In the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, I was struck by the number of clip-art craft projects and delighted by the vast array of template downloads available at marthastewart.com. I've highlighted some of my favourites below. You can download templates and imagery for each of the craft projects below, as well as the instructions, by visiting the following links at Martha Stewart's Halloween Central, where you'll find hundreds of ideas for a festive night, including pumpkin-carving techniques, costume ideas and all kinds of decorations:
The imagery itelf is intriguing and can be used for all kinds of crafts not shown in the magazine. I intend to use them in scrapbooking and card-making projects.

A clever way to invite friends to an All-Hallows-Eve soiree! Download the invitations at the links above.

Jelly beans take on an air of slimy, amphibian eyeballs when packaged in a small box labeled as "Eyes of Newt." Pair green jellybeans with yellow, orange or black jelly beans and place them in a small wooden box (available at craft stores) which you can paint an eerie shade of green or black for your guests to take home. You can print as many of the labels as you like to make as many little packages as you like. Simply cut them out and glue them to the lids of the boxes.

Another variation on the paper lantern. See the magazine or the website for all the how-tos!
Hoo-Hoo's coming to your party? Ensure a gruesome guest list by sending out these creepy invites with mobile wings. The template is shown below.


Kenn said...

I really like the laterns. All of these crafts are quite easy. I love all the clip art and templates that are available on the website. I'm gathering quite a collection!


Me too, Kenn! I have a few discs full of the PDF files: all the 'planners' and checklists and templates and clip-art. Not many magazines provide such a strong online component to the publication with so many free downloads. It's pretty great!

Kikapu said...

I made the lanterns for Halloween this year. They looked fantastic, - so easy too.