The Animal Knits Bible

Knitting for the grandkids is one thing. Knitting for your pet turtle is quite another. But if you've got a special animal in your life and a talent for knitting, then this book by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne is an ideal guide to pampering your pet with yarn. Pet Projects, The Animal Knits Bible is a creative collection of knitting projects for animals - all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to bunnies, hampsters, horses, birds, turtles, even fish! (There are instructions in the book on knitting a lily pad that floats on top of the fish tank!)

Coats, collars, caps, covers, cushions, scarves, tents and animal toys are all included in the 33 ingenius patterns contained in the book. There are also helpful templates and detailed, illustrated instructions at the back of the book to help you achieve the desired patterns and master some of the more complex techniques.

Best of all are the photos by Diana Miller. Warmly lit and beautifully styled, the photographs are timeless in their presentation. And the animals look utterly adorable, as you can see below.

The book is just $12 at Amazon. It's part of my collection!

How could anyone resist a cover like this?
The photos by Diana Miller are as gorgeous as the animals they portray.
These knitted balaklavas are designed to muffle loud noises, such as fireworks.
An Elizabethan collar.
His and Her sweaters.
A hampster den.
A bird-cage cover.
A tortoise tent.

A horse blanket.
Helpful templates at the back of the book simplify the projects, such as this one for a pattern on a cat cushion.

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