Brent's Apartment Therapy

Brent Ridge, a friend of MSL Radio (and a friend of mine!), used the Apartment Therapy 8 Step Home Cure in renovating his apartment in Manhattan. For four Mondays in April on Whole Living (live 10 am ET/7 am PT on Sirius 112 and XM 157), Martha Stewart Living and Apartment Therapy will be bringing listeners/readers ideas on doing a renovation, decorating their homes, making rooms as comfortable and functional as they are stylish, and even on entertaining at home. Be sure to check the Whole Living website for listings.

The Martha Stewart Living Radio Blog now has a complete slideshow of the renovation process, so be sure to check it out. Below I have some of the photos of the finished apartment. I asked Brent about the renovation:

"We lived in our apartment for 5 years while it was literally falling down around us. Several good things came out of the experience (and one REALLY good thing). Living in the space for so long before starting the renovation enabled us to really put some thought into what needed to be adapted to make the apartment more functional for us. Because the apartment was completely ruined by flooding, by necessity, it was a gut renovation which enabled us to bring in more environmentally sound building materials than we may have been able to if the project had been on a smaller scale."

A view of the entranceway from the living room. The entrance has lots of hidden storage and a built-in table for working or dining.
The kitchen is attractively designed with dark woods and low lighting, creating an inviting space. Leading into the kitchen is a display cabinet for glassware.
The bedroom was once blue and grey. It's now found a more comfortable pallette in hues of brown and taupe.
A beautiful hutch in the bedroom.

Clean lines and cool tones for the bathroom.

"Everyone who knows Josh and me knows that we like to entertain. For at least three years, we were completely unable to have guests safely in our home. As a result, we were able to save a lot of money which ultimately became the down payment on The Beekman Farm. Perhaps it is true that everything happens for a reason."

Below are some photos of the interior of the Beekman mansion in Sharon Springs, New York. These were first published in the New York Times. Be sure to check out the May issue of Vanity Fair for another feature on Brent and Josh - "Hot Young Farmers!"

The living room is painted a sunny yellow.

An expansive kitchen is ideal for entertaining.


modernemama said...

I love the dark paneling in the entrance - it makes such a rich statement. Do you know what Brent Ridge used here?

Brent said...

Hi, Modernemama

We designed the entire apartment around that one credenza in the bedroom. It is from the 1930s and the only piece of furniture that survived the flood in the apartment. The furniture was built from golden walnut which is impossible to find, but our cabinet maker found a sustainably harvested walnut that was a pretty good match.

Capcom said...

Beautiful! :-o

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