Holiday Recycling Craft

If you have some extra copies of Martha Stewart Living magazine lying around, you may be inspired to use them for crafts. One seller on Etsy.com (BellyBuzz in Houston) has done just that by fashioning gift bows and package filling out of the pages of a past issue.

Each bow is handcrafted from a different page of the magazine - in this case the February, 2008, issue - and is finished with a peel-and-stick adhesive backer. The bows can be continuously reused because of the sturdy brad in the center of each bow. The bag also comes with a hefty filling of shredded packaging using the pages of the magazine.

Each bag has 9 custom bows and the package filler. They are placed in a cellophane bag and topped off with another part of the magazine

I personally think it's a brilliant craft idea! I've used the pages of Martha Stewart Living as wrapping paper and stationery before, but nothing quite so impressive as this. She also works with magazines like Esqurie, Wired, Vanity Fair and Vogue. How perfect for the magazine afficionado on your list.


Anonymous said...

How interesting - and she packages them so perfectly. I'm not a big fan of pre-made bows, but that is a great way to recycle duplicate magazines!

Anonymous said...

Okay... the thought of shredding or doing some other craft type work with a Living magazine gave me a nervous twitch! I felt some chest pains coming on as I read your post... :-) A very 'green' and clever idea. I agree with Elaine, the packaging is very nice.


Haha! Notice I said EXTRA copies, Kenn. EXTRA copies! :-) Shredding a one-and-only is tantamount to murder, really.


Carolyn said...

how cool is that.

Martha made a Christmas tree of magazine squares last year that was very cool. That would be another great to recycle her magazine.

freelulu said...

I just ran across this post - I made those bows! Glad you liked them. They are very easy to make - I will eventually get around to listing more on etsy. THanks for the post! : )