Martha Embroidery

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and SVP Worldwide, owner of SINGER, HUSQVARNA VIKING, and PFAFF sewing machine brands, have announced a new Martha Stewart Embroidery line.

Classic Embroidery Patterns, the first in a series of embroidery designs produced by MSLO and SVP Worldwide, provide designs for monogramming and frame, border, and corner artwork that allow for further enhancement and personalization of sewing and embroidery projects. These patterns include Scallop, Laurel, and Twist, three simple, graceful embellishments inspired by timeless embroidery patterns, as well as an elegant font--custom-designed to Martha's specifications--for creating clean, beautiful monograms.

Martha Stewart, Founder of MSLO, stated: "Adding a monogram or embroidered detail is a simple way to give your work a distinctive finishing touch. It's still one of my favorite ways to make my creations more personal."

Not one of Martha's designs, but it SO could be!

Ms. Stewart unveiled her new line of embroidery designs while speaking at the 22nd Annual Husqvarna Viking International Dealer Convention in San Antonio, Texas, where the world's new top of the line HUSQVARNA VIKING DESIGNER DIAMOND sewing and embroidery machine was launched. Ms. Stewart was presented with the very first DESIGNER DIAMOND machine.

"The new Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond sewing and embroidery machine is ideal for sewers and quilters," said Ms. Stewart. "It is an excellent, high-quality machine that is truly a pleasure to use and offers many wonderful features to enhance any project and ensure the most beautiful results."

In addition to the embroidery and monogramming designs, each Martha Stewart Embroidery kit will provide a booklet featuring instructions for recreating the projects featured on the packaging as well as inspiration and ideas for creating unique projects. Suggested templates for formatting letters with various frames, borders, and corners will also be included.

"Martha Stewart has elegantly combined her love of sewing and rich history of embroidering her own projects with this new inspiring collection," said Don Fletcher, CEO of SVP Worldwide. "Whether a new or experienced sewer, the easy to use yet intricate detailed designs will enhance and personalize any sewing project."

The exclusive line of Martha Stewart Embroidery designs will be available this summer where HUSQVARNA VIKING, PFAFF, and SINGER products are sold.


Anonymous said...


I am getting to the point where I wish that Martha and her company would settle down and deal with what they already have. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that there is all the furnishings, a magazine for nearly every subject (although most people in America seem to be want a pet magazine or an allergy magazine!)and nearly everything else that you can imagine, but I wonder if it is time just to take stock and to continue for a while, on making the things that they have got even better. If Martha feels the need to expand then she should expand into England where we have no one like Martha around. She is certainly unique which I love and can't wait for the Wedgwood to come to Harrods next Thursday (I have tickets for the afternoon tea to meet Martha and can't wait) but it concerns me that every week there seems to be a new venture. And a very good turnover of staff as well.



Thanks for the thoughts. I think that's what I was getting at in a prior post: so much pushing forward and not enough time to savour what before us.

You have tickets to tea with Martha! Wow! Please write to me and tell me all about it. I'll post it on the blog! And take photos if you can.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

Well according to the Telegraph in London today, Martha has been refused a Visa, so tea might be off! Am hugely dissapointed. Will send photos in if I get to see her. Love the blog by the way.