The Martha Stewart Storefront on Amazon.com

Amazon customers who shop for Martha Stewart products can now take advantage of a one-stop portal featuring all of Martha's product categories, including a few new ones! The Martha Stewart Storefront on Amazon.com launched this morning, showcasing four categories: Books, Food, Pets and Area Rugs. 

Rather than having to navigate through the larger Amazon.com website to find Martha Stewart products, you can now find a collated and curated 'storefront' featuring the best Martha has to offer, including her own personal favourites and tips and solutions for incorporating beauty, functionality and organization into your home. 
This is how the new Storefront appears on my phone.
In addition to Martha's books, you can now shop her new Pets line, place orders for Martha & Marley Spoon meal delivery kits and shop a wide assortment of Martha Stewart area rugs with Safavieh. There is a "Latest Book" link and a "Featured Product" link at the top, which will change regularly. At the bottom is a banner featuring "Martha's Favorites".


Anonymous said...

I went to The MS Storefront on Amazon with the hope of seeing items reminiscent of "Martha By Mail". I guess that is a chapter in Ms Stewart's career that will not be seen again.

Anonymous said...

APM same here. Martha By Mail was the pinnacle of her quality products. I went to Macy's the other day and I was thoroughly disappointed, even by her essentials - which, if comparing to her Kmart line, are much lower quality. Such a shame.